Our Services

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Individual Coaching and Thera​py

​Are you feeling stuck? Are you seeking to increase your level of joy and fulfillment? Maybe you’re going through a difficult time and seeking support to make your way out of the darkness or just seeking to be more present and productive in your life. Seeking coaching/therapy is as normal as taking your car in for a tune up. We hire coaches and teachers in all areas of our life, why not to help us improve our emotional state, cultivate healthy habits, communication skills, and enhance our relationship with self and others? Together we will build to find your highest potential of being, and reach the best version of you that is possible.

Coaching Programs

  • Athletic Mental Coaching
  • Optimal Performance: Self Care
  • Parent Training: Effective Support
  • Self Love Coaching and Discovery
  • Be Present and Show Up: Relaxation Training
  • Mood and Food Connection Training

Optimal Performance: Mental Mastery

Using sports' psychology, learn how to bring forth the same energy you have in practice, into the cage/ring/field/court. Whether you are coming off of a loss, injury, or want to learn how to access your inner athlete in a controlled manner, this program will be tailored and individualized to you.

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Feel free to book online sessions from anywhere in the US!

We offer face to face, as well as online sessions. Sessions are sold individually, as well as in 5 and 10 packages.

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